Church & Beliefs

What denomination is CCNN?
CCNN is non-denominational.

How long has CCNN been in the area? When was the church founded?
CCNN was founded in October of 1994.

How long has Pastor Tony been teaching the Bible?
Pastor Tony has close to 30 years teaching experience. Teaching here at CCNN since 1994.

Do you believe in the gifts of the Spirit?
Yes we do and that as the Word states in Corinthians, the expression of the Spirit will occur decently and in order.

What is the church’s stance on outward worship? Can I lift up my hands, clap, or shout out my praise?
We welcome anyone who would like to stand, raise your hands or clap during the worship, as long as it is done in a decent and orderly fashion and does not bring undue or excessive attention to you.

How often do you have communion?
We have communion every first Wednesday of the month. From 9:00am to 4:00pm and during our Wednesday evening service on the first Wednesday of the month.


How do I become a member?
We have an excellent introduction class called Calvary Connections which identifies how you can “Get Connected.”


How can I get involved in a ministry?
We would prefer for you to first attend a Calvary Connection class, but there are a few ministries where you can begin to serve if you feel so led.

What type of bible study groups do you have available for couples, singles, men, and women?
We have several small groups available that meet on various days of the week to meet the needs of a variety of demographics such as college & career aged individuals, married couples, mature singles, men and women.

Do you have a teen ministry? What do you offer for the teens?
Ignite is the name of our teen ministry where we offer engaging teaching at their level, fun activities, various outings, community service opportunities, worship conferences, and workshops that are related to their spiritual growth. Check out the Ignite for more information!

What ministry is available for adults and singles?
We have a college and career group (ages 19-35), titled, Refuge ko, that meet every Saturday morning at 9:00am.

Are children allowed in the sanctuary?
We have a wonderful Children’s Ministry called Calvary Kingdom that your children will just love. It is geared to teach the children the Word of God on their own level. If you feel that you must keep your child with you, we offer worship and teaching in our West Sanctuary or in one of our family rooms.

Is the Children’s Ministry available during all services?
Yes, Calvary Kingdom is available during Sunday and Wednesday evening services.

Can I bring my newborn baby into the sanctuary?
For parents with newborn babies, we offer the comfort of either one of our family rooms or our West Sanctuary.

Do you have wheelchair access?
Most definitely, we have access to either sanctuary or via our front lobby entrance. The ramp entrance is located on the right side of the lobby doors.

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