Why are we purchasing a new church facility?

We have experienced substantial growth, which is outstanding news and a great challenge to have! As our church continues to grow, we are purchasing this new facility to meet the increasing demands on the space that we currently have while continuing to serve God and spread the Gospel to the multitudes. Over the years, we’ve done the following to try to keep pace with our rapid growth:

  • In 2010, we divided our Youth Ministry in half: a Jr High (Embers) and a Sr High (Teens-In-Truth) ministry
  • In 2012, we built a preschool wing so we can teach even more children about Jesus; we built our Video Auditorium to ease overcrowding in our East Auditorium and to offer members and visitors the option of enjoying a café environment during our worship service
  • In 2013, we began a 4th service on Sunday mornings to try to ease parking congestion and classroom overcrowding.

Yet, there continues to be an overwhelming demand for more space for our adults, teens, children, and parking.

When was the purchase completed; and who will the pastor be?

We closed on the Eustis Campus facility on 3/25/15. There is no change in pastoral leadership. Pastor Tony will teach at both campuses on Sundays and at the Denbigh campus on Wednesdays.

If everything works out according to plan, when will we be in the Eustis Campus?

We would like to move into our Eustis Campus facility some time in 2016. The actual move-in date will be determined by the progress of our building stabilization efforts and the financial giving of our CCNN members, friends, and supporters.

Where is the new campus located?

The new campus is located 1 ½ miles from our Denbigh Campus heading toward Ft. Eustis – 15553 Warwick Boulevard.

What will happen to our existing property?

We will maintain our current property at Warwick Blvd and Beechmont Drive, also known as the Denbigh Campus. Our second campus will be known as the Eustis Campus. We will be ONE church family in TWO locations UNTIL we complete the build-out of the Eustis Campus; then everyone will move to the Eustis Campus. We currently plan to maintain the Denbigh Campus as an education center. This may take as long as 5 years to complete.

How will Sunday service work?

1st and 2nd service (8:00 and 9:15) will be held at the Eustis Campus. 3rd and 4th service (10:30 and 11:45) will be held at the Denbigh Campus.

How does purchasing the church solve the overcrowding problem?

Research shows that when a church is at 80% capacity, it is time to expand – we are past that mark. We are currently landlocked at our Denbigh campus and challenged by limited parking capacity as well as limited seating capacity in our sanctuaries; we do not want people to drive away because they cannot find a seat in the sanctuary or a parking spot; the Eustis campus will increase our capacity in both areas. Without expansion, we will begin to decline causing us to miss opportunities to “Teach the Good News of Jesus Christ to the lost and the found,” and see lives transformed –the reason we exist!

It is not Pastor Tony’s vision to see the Eustis campus building sit for a few years unoccupied. There is such a need for the light of Christ in our community and many residents of that area have already expressed an excitement in anticipation of our arrival. We must immediately occupy those areas that are usable at the Eustis campus so that we can begin to do ministry now.

Why not just move everybody to the new Eustis Campus? Why are we in two locations and the churches are just 1.5 miles apart?

Currently, the new Eustis Campus is not ready to accommodate the entire church. It will eventually provide us with all the space we will need to house the current volume of children, youth, adults, and parking at all 4 services currently at our Denbigh Campus, AS WELL AS allow us to continue to grow. Also, there are businesses which currently occupy much of the space we will need; and we must honor their lease agreements until they expire. Once that happens, we estimate that it may take as long as 5 years to completely build out the space.

Is CCCA (our Dayschool) a part of our moving plan? CCCA will remain in its current location at our Denbigh Campus.


Pray Now: Talk to God about how He wants you to partner with us.

Serve Now: Determine at which location you will serve and worship;

Provide Financial Support Now: We will carry a mortgage on this property; therefore, you can partner with us now by giving to our Building Fund, in addition to your regular tithes. More details about partnering with us will be provided later this year.


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