Church building number 1Building 2Joey Buran, who, at the time, pastored Calvary Chapel Hampton Roads, would periodically call Pastor Tony and tell him about all of the ministry opportunities in Virginia. Even though Pastor Tony had never been on the east coast, he decided to visit Virginia. After his visit, the Lord began to impress upon Pastor Tony‘s heart the need for a ministry in Virginia. After much prayer, Pastor Tony knew without a shadow of a doubt that Newport News, Virginia was the place that God would have him to be a pastor. But what did Pastor Tony‘s wife, Jenise, think about moving across the country with three small children? Jenise shares, ―Well, I responded like any other godly, submissive wife. I said “No way….I‘m not moving!” But God changed my heart.

Building 3Building 4 2009In September 1994, Pastor Tony, Jenise and their three children, Erin, Tony Jr. & Eric made the trek from Vista, California to Virginia (Eldest son Damon resides in Indiana). Reflecting on the experience, Pastor Tony comments ―My dad was really instrumental in our move to Newport News because he flew from Indiana to California to help me, along with a couple other guys: John Brown, Colby Torres (who was our first youth pastor) and Jason Reynolds (our first worship leader), make the cross-country drive here.Pastor Tony holds the belief that CCNN is a simple formula of the right man plus the right location at the right time. He believes that before God calls a man, He prepares a man. And for Pastor Tony, that preparation was 10 years of education and ministry experience.

Church building number 5So here we are, in existence since 1994, faithfully serving our Armed Forces (Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and even a few Marines!) as well as serving our community. God has indeed blessed us to be a growing and thriving multicultural fellowship representing over 30 countries.

Pastor Tony has traveled throughout the United States and around the world to such places as Kenya, South Africa, Okinawa & Cuba to proclaim the goodness of God. His radio program, The Word Made Plain, is heard by millions of people on the east and west coasts. Isn‘t it exciting to see God‘s fingerprints on our lives—K-WAVE, the radio station that Pastor Tony listened to as a young marine during his drive to and from work, is now airing his messages!



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